Huzzah! Thanks everyone for entering the May Oblivion ARC giveaway photo contest. I had some fantastic entries and I loved seeing everyone’s photos.

Here are the winners!

First, I drew Samantha’s entry. Check out this WICKED makeup pic of Pinfeathers!

Chilling, right???

Second, I drew Sanne’s Twitter entry of Mr. Poe brushing up on his reading in preparation for Oblivion. Check it out!


Remember that the prize for this round includes a signed hardback copy of Nevermore, a signed hardback copy of Enshadowed and a signed Oblivion ARC!

Stay tuned for the June Oblivion ARC give-away. And then…holy Fritos, Batman. It’s gonna be JULY!!!

How will it all end? Any thoughts. Predictions?

It’s almost here.



So surprises (like trilogies) often come in threes!

First surprise: Courtney Pierce is the winner of the April cast-a-character Oblivion ARC give-away. Congrats Courtney!

And thank you all for your amazing Nevermore casting suggestions! I loved reading them and seeing the different choices. Maybe one day, our movie dreams will become real.

Second surprise: I’m going to give away TWO ARCs for May, AND a signed hardback copy of Nevermore and Enshadowed.

Third surprise? We’re going to go straight into the May giveaway.

So here’s the deal-e-o. We are going to celebrate my finally getting an Instagram account (yes, yes, I am officially a modern woman) with a photo contest! Got a phone camera? Well, fire that puppy up.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to snap a photo that reminds you of Nevermore in some way. You can enlist your friends to stage a scene or maybe you can take a photo you think Varen might have snapped (remember he’s partial to black-and-white.) Anyone up for recreating Izzy’s stuffing-her-face-with-pizza photo? Or the cheerleading photo Varen stole from her album? Or what sort of look do you suppose Varen would give you if you tried to snap his photo in the hall? You can show off your costume for the upcoming Nevermore Masquerade in July, or you can pull an Izzy and get your dad to dress up like Poe! You can use photoshop to add cool dreamworld effects if you have mad photo editing skills, or you can keep it simple. Really, anything goes, but remember to keep it clean! Everyone who enters will go into a drawing and the winner will again be chosen at random. But please do be creative and share and tweet photos! The winners’ photos will be displayed on my blog.

You’ll need to tag me on the photo via my Facebook or @ mention me on Twitter or, now, you can tag me on Instagram so that I know you’re entered. Though you can choose to tag me on more than one social media platform if you want to share the photo with more people, you only need to share on one of the three platforms to be officially entered. In the caption, comment field or tweet, please include the words ”Oblivion ARC giveaway.”

Again, this contest is U.S. and international

To give you lots of time to think and be creative, I’m going to run this one for two weeks. So you have until Saturday May 16th, midnight EST to enter your photo.

Please enter only once with one photo.

The photo tagged must be an original photo taken by you

If you have already won an Oblivion ARC, please refrain from entering. I will be doing more exciting give-aways when I receive finished copies and those will again be open to everyone.

Each of the TWO winners will receive:

1.) A signed Oblivion ARC

2.) A signed hardback copy of Nevermore

3.) A signed hardback copy of Enshadowed

I’ll announce the winners of this photo contest on Sunday May 17th

So get clickin! ;)




So I’m a bit late on posting the April Oblivion give-away! This month has been a bit crazy. I’ve done some traveling to research my current work-in-progress, which is WAY cool by the way. I’ve also attended an author’s panel at the Barr Memorial Library where—don’t forget—the July Oblivion release party/Nevermore Masquerade will be goin’ down.

If this is the first you’ve heard of yon par-tay, please look for the details in my previous March post below, or click this linky link here:  LINKY LINK

Okay! On with the April give-away! Again, I’m making things easy-peasy. Especially since you folks have been so patient with me this time around.

Also, since this is coming up late, I’m letting this run until Midnight on Saturday May 2nd EST. I will announce the winner on Sunday May 3rd. Fear not, though, May will still have its own Oblivion ARC give-away.

This will be another U.S. and international give-away done through my blog. This seems to be the easiest way for me to keep track of entries and conduct the at-random drawing.


  1. Enter/comment only once
  2. Refrain from entering if you have already won an Oblivion ARC
  3. Tell your friends! You can make them lend you the ARC if they win!

To enter, just leave me a comment and/or picture of who you would like to see play a Nevermore character if there ever was to be a movie. Just to be clear, there are no movie plans in the works. This is just for fun—and to WIN!

Personally, I’d love to see Johnny Depp as Poe.  He’d be perfect.

Exhibit A:


What about you guys? Who do you think could play Varen, Izzy, Gwen, or Reynolds? Would Varen and Pinfeathers be played by the same actor? Would the Red Death be CGI? Talk to me!

The contest is ON!

So I just picked the winner for the March Oblivion ARC giveaway. The winner, chosen raffle style and at random, iiiiisss Mary! Who left this comment:

Mary says

“I’ve been waiting for Oblivion!

Of course, I love and feel for Varen. I’m pretty sure he gives me sympathy pains.

I also love how towards the end of Enshadowed Isobel’s younger brother slowly starts putting some things together and their relationship begins to get stronger. I have a feeling he’s going to play a much larger role in the third book.”

Mary, I’ll send you an e-mail shortly asking for your mailing address and the ARC will be headed your way!

THANK YOU all SO much for entering and for your comments. Ah! You guys–all the feels!

If you didn’t win this time, remember that I will post another ARC giveaway next month in April. And there will be more  give-aways and soundtrack songs and other extras after that as we get closer!

Here it is! The March giveaway for an ARC of OBLIVION.

What do you need to do to enter? Please leave a comment stating who your favorite Nevermore character is or what your favorite Nevermore moment is. If you’re coming to the release party in July, tell me what Poe/Nevermore costumes you’re considering wearing for the contest to win Isobel’s Enshadowed dress. Or, if you can’t be there, tell us who you’d like to dress as, or what costume or costumes you’d like to see. Or post the title of a song you’d love to see on the Nevermore playlist.  Easy peasy! Again, I’ll choose the winner at random raffle style. The contest will end one week from today at Midnight EST on March 21st. I’ll announce the winner the following day and whoosh ship the ARC your way!

This contest is US and International. Please comment/enter only once! Remember, I’ll be doing ANOTHER ARC give-away in April.  Which is coming up FAST.

Speaking of April, I’m going to be back at the Barr Memorial Library at Fort Knox on the 14th (Isobel’s birthday, by the way) for a special event for aspiring authors. I’ll be joining in on a panel of authors and we’ll each be talking about our road to publication, answering questions and signing books. For more information on this fun free event, please see Barr’s Events page here!

Oh! And if you happen to scroll through the other events, you’ll notice that several YA authors will be appearing at Barr very soon this year in separate events including Julie Kagawa, Bethany Griffin and Katie McGarry. So, basically, Barr is a hotspot for awesome sauce. Just sayin’

And if you haven’t yet seen the fabulous flyer yet for the Nevermore Masquerade–well, take a gander.

July will be here before you know it, but I’ve been away from the Nevermore world, the characters and the dreamworld long enough that I’m really missing them.

Music takes me back, though, so how about a few songs from the Oblivion soundtrack while we wait?